Expiring Soon ! Get Cash on Every Pack of Yippee Noodles – Paytm

Yippy Noodle Paytm Recharge Offer

Maybe you already know about this offer but we couldn’t resist to remind you again. 2 months ago Pradeep(our designer) told me about the offer and showed me the Yippee Masala noodles sachet. I tried the code to his Paytm account and realized that it does works. He got INR 10 in each pack(Total 50/- for all 5 packs). Since then he is crazy about this deal so am I.

What to do in order to have cashback?

  • Buy a Yippee Noodle, Open the Pack. The Masala sachet has a cash code.
  • Apply the code to this page(Make sure you have a Paytm account) and answer a very simple Question. That’s it. The cashback will be added instantly.
  • I realized that you can redeem up to 5 sachet code in every month.
  • Thanks to Sunfeast Yippee and Paytm for this wonderful offer.
  • Offer end date is 31 Jan, 2015 (and can use upto 15 codes per account)
  • Here is the Help Page to know more about the offer.

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